Krossin' Keuka

Point Neamo, on the shore at Keuka College.

Event Details

Krossin' Keuka is a fun swim  across a .67 mile section of Keuka Lake. The day begins earlyat 6:45am for swimmers and 6:30am for paddlers. Participants and spectators gather at Point Neamo, on the shore at Keuka College.

Friday afternoon



Friday Check-in - Swimmers and Paddlers

  • Located at Hegeman Hall, Keuka College
  • Check in and pick up your Krossin' Keuka t-shirt, pod assignment, and swimmer number
  • Stop by any time between 4pm and 8pm
  • Turn in any additional sponsorship money not collected prior to the event.
  • To be guaranteed as a participant, you must pay your registration fee ($25) in full by July 1.
  • To be eligible to swim, your $25 registration fee and minimum $150 sponsorships must be recieved prior to swim
  • To be eligible for fundraising prizes, your sponsorship money should be turned in by, July 1st
  •  Krossin' Keuka Merchandise will be available at various suggested donation amounts.

Saturday morning


When you arrive at Point Neamo:

  • You need to be wearing your Krossin' Keuka t-shirt
  • Find your Pod and Pod Captain
  • You will have your number applied to your arm 
  • Your Pod Captain will give your further instructions and answer questions
  • Paddlers may unload their kayaks/canoes and park their vehicles before 6:30am. 
  • Please do not park along the lakefront.

7AM Kick Off:

  • Krossin' Keuka kicks off with a short Welcome Ceremony
  • Participants recieve important safety instructions
  • Fundraising prize winners are announced
  • Paddlers Released to the lake


Swimmers Enter Water

  • First Pods board pontoon boats and make their way to the other side of the lake
  • When your pontoon boat captain receives word, you and your pod will enter the water and begin swimming toward Keuka College. *TIP: Head towards to chapel cross
  • There are large and small buoys that make up the swimmer's lane
  • The paddlers are present to encourage you, help you and coach you to stay in the lane
  • If you need assistance, or just need to rest let a paddler know. Paddlers have an extra floatation device and will signal for a safety boat if needed.
  • Many swimmers make it back to Keuka College in 30-60 minutes, but it's not a race!
  • When your pod enters the water, our emcee will let the spectators know, so your friends and family will know you're on your way.

Swimmers Exit Water
  • When you arrive on shore, you'll pass through the Krossin' Keuka arch and your name will be announced.
  • Your Pod Captain will check your name off on their clipboard - you must check in with your Pod Captain so they know you are out of the water.
  • Enjoy breakfast, music, and fun!


 Swimmer Safety Guidelines

  • You must wear your provided swim cap so you can be seen and identified in the water (personal caps are not permitted)
  • You must have your number on your arm

Paddler Safety Guidelines

  • You MUST wear your Krossin Keuka T-shirt from the current year so you can be seen and identified
  • Required Equiptment: Personal Floatation Device for yourself, plus one extra
  • It is recommended that you wear a brimmed hat, sunscreen, and bring a bottle of water
  • You are part of the Krossin' Keuka Safety Team and your role is crucial to the safety of our participants



On-shore Breakfast is available for the duration of the event.  Breakfast is free for participants. Spectators are welcome to breakfast, but we require a nomional contribution to off-set the costs. 


There is a no parking zone along Lake Ave. There is to be NO PARKING of any kind on Lake Ave (see map).

Rain Delay Information

We cannot guarantee the weather, but we will do our best to notify our participants of a delay if possible.

There is no "rain date" for this event. If the event is cancelled due to weather we will see you next year.


July 28 2018

6:30 AM - 6:30 AM