Path Through History Lecture

200 Main Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Path Through History Lecture

The Yates County History Center will host a lecture, “The
Burned Over District and The Friend” by Executive Director Tricia Noel on
Saturday, June 16th at 1 p.m. at the L. Caroline Underwood Museum in
Penn Yan. 

The burned-over
district  refers to the
 western and central regions
of New York State in the early 19th century,
where religious revivals and the formation of new religious movements of
the Second Great Awakening including the Society
of the Friend- Jemima Wilkinson, took place. The term was coined in1876 by Charles Finney, who felt that the area had
been so heavily evangelized as to have no "fuel"
(unconverted population) left over to "burn" (convert).

Tickets for this event are $5 for History Center members
and $10 for non-members.  The Underwood
Museum is located at 107 Chapel Street in Penn Yan.

The June 16 event is one of hundreds of activities going on
at museums and historic sites throughout New York State during Path Through
History Weekend, June 16 and June 17 which is organized by NYS’s I Love NY
campaign.  You can find out more at

In Yates County, you can also visit the Overackers
Schoolhouse in Middlesex which will be open both June 16 & 17 from noon-4
p.m.  This historic one room schoolhouse
sits at the corner of Rte. 364 and North Vine Valley Road in Middlesex. 

For more information about these events, call (315)536-7318
or visit

June 16 2018

1:00 PM - 1:00 PM