Birds & The Bees Backyard Farm

Birds & The Bees Backyard Farm is owned and operated by Steven Culver and Sara DeFilipps. This little farmette is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes just outside of Penn Yan, NY off of Route 364. Over the years the backyard farm has been home to pheasant, sheep, chickens, quail, ducks and honeybees.

Today, the farm is focusing more on the birds and the bees. The first bees were acquired in 2013 and after a slow start and a couple of rough winters the summer of 2015 produced the first honey harvest on the farm. Rich, golden, yellow honey produced by the bees from mostly local wild flowers made up the first harvest.

Steve has raised various birds for years on the farm but since 2011 has focused on raising chickens. The current flocks of chickens are mostly Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns with maybe a surprise or two of another variety. They lay a variety of colored eggs including white, brown and light blue. The newest addition to the farm includes a wild male turkey named Henry and three domestic turkeys affectionately referred to as “The Attendings.”

Both eggs and honey are available for sale at our roadside stand on Route 364, just a mile North of Penn Yan. Honey is currently the only product available for sale online.  As honey production increases other items made from bee products will be available with lip balm coming soon!

2511 State Route 364, Penn Yan, NY 14527